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Caregiver companion

Caregiver for aging people with health problem


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Family personeel agency Gadia was established in 2009.

At first agency worked with the financial assistance of USAID, International organization for Migration IOM and Embassy of Switzerland. In 2010, agency established a non-profit organization "Georgian skills developing society". Nowadays, agency through above mentioned organization implements many innovative projects.

Current project covers theoretical and practical training of babysitters/nannies. Duration of a training course is 7 days. The training sessions are conducted by high-qualified pediatricians, psychologists, human and children’s right advocates and theologists. Practical trainings are conducted in leading maternity hospitals. Upon training applicable qualification various level certificates are granted to babysitters/nannies. Video resumes of the best graduates are placed on the web-site of Gadia. Each candidate will be given a special code. This will make easier for  potential employers to select desirable candidate from the list.



Gadia family offers 24 hours full range service. You have opportunity to select from our professional psychologists’, doctors’, and teachers’ staff a person, who is qualified, skilled, checked, has medical history record and knows foreign languages. This list of employees covers both Tbilisi (the capital of Georgia) and different regions of Georgia. And this can be done with minimum effort and time. All family staff, that we offer are gone through very strict selection process, our candidates are professionals and trustfull (with working experience and references), with medical books and many extra skills such as music, singing, drawing etc.

Gadia is the first company in Georgia offering new, exclusive services. No meter where you are through online application you can select and hire staff from our “Standard” and “Elite” catalogues. The catalogues differ according to experience, skills and fees of family staff.

For  V.I.P. clients Gadia can invite any desirable candidate from any country.

Gadia’s approach is individuality, professionalism and honesty with each client, considering their requirements, selection candidates foreseeng clients demands and confidentiality.

A Client and a potential employeeare obliged to meet requirements, principles and good image of Gadia. Periodically but on a permanent base the quality control manager monitors employees on-site.

The company offers uniforms to the employees upon client's request.

For the employer the service is free!

Also, in order to select the best candidate Gadia gives an opportunity to potential employer to choose 3 candidates from the selected sphere of service and to test them within approbation period.


|nannies 15 type of services

Babysitters|nannies 15 type of services
 Nannies for newborns and infants
 Nannies for toddlers
 Tutor Babysitter
 Night nanny
 Seasonal – (vacations or traveling)
 “Express babysitter” (as agreed)
 Babysitter on demand (per hour) (as agreed)
 Babysitter/maid in one person (as agreed)
 Babysitter nurse (under the agreement)
 Babysitters for weekends/ day offs (as agreed)
 Babysitter for twins
 Logopedist babysitter
 Masseur babysitter
 Driver babysitter (with own car)

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Caregiver for seniors Caregiver companion Caregiver for seniors with health problem

Caregivers Gadia offers professional caregivers’ service for seniors and disabled people. We will create for your aged and infirm loved ones the environment full of comfort, care and love.



Does your child need speech therapist’s assistance?

Gadia offers different assistance in this field. You have an opportunity to choose skilled and educated specialist who will solve your child’s speech problem on the basis of individual approach.

Domestic couple

Domestic couple

First time in Georgia Gadia offers new style of service - domestic couple – for cottage and houses. Our main aim is domestic couple to provide high quality, professional service and to satisfy all obligations considered by the agreement.